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Lost hair from women’s long hair does not usually recover as it happens with men. Avoiding this situation is essential to avoid developing any type of aesthetic discomfort or lack of self-esteem.

At Clínicas Doctor Life we ​​offer you the possibility of improving the health of your hair with some of the most innovative techniques on the market. Medical procedures to strengthen the follicle and give your hair hygiene a break.


A. Good afternoon, a table for three, please / Good afternoon, a table for three, please B. Yes, we have one for you. Please follow me / Yes, we have one for you. Please follow me. Ordering (Requesting) B. (Waiter) Can I take your order, Madam and Sir / (Waiter) Can I take your order, lady and gentleman? C. (Madam) I’ll have the tomato soup to start and the grilled fish / (Señora) I will have the tomato soup as a starter and the grilled fish. A. (Sir) For me a side salad only / (Señor) Para mí solo una ensalada B. (Waiter) Would you like to see the drink menu? / (Waiter) Would you like to see the drinks menu? A. There’s no need. We will both take wine/ No need, we will both take wine. A. The bill (La cuenta) C. (Madam) Could I have the bill, please? / (Madam) Can you bring me the bill, please? B. Of course, Madam, here you have / Claro, señora, here you have A. Can I pay by credit card? / I can pay with credit card? B. I’m sorry, we only admit cash / Sorry, we only receive cash.


When suffering appears in our lives, we often need time for it to lessen, for it to calm down and subside due to its very nature. This would be contrary to epicureanism, hedonism, which invites us to avoid pain, escape, seek pleasure. Seneca would say that the only way to escape suffering is to FACE IT.

An immediate consolation increases the pain and irritates it. It becomes entrenched


In this case, the causal association between milk intake and neurodegenerative diseases was evaluated by adopting the genetic variant close to the lactase gene.

In total, data were obtained from 14,802 cases and 26,703 controls from the multiple sclerosis study through the International Multiple Sclerosis Genetics Consortium. Another 21,982 cases and 41,944 controls of Alzheimer’s disease thanks to data from the International Alzheimer’s Genomics Project. And another 3,060 cases and 41,944 controls from the FinnGen consortium. Finally, a total of 6476 cases and 302,042 controls from the Parkinson’s Disease Web-Based Study, along with 13,708 cases and 95,282 controls from PDGene. All data studied were from European populations.

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